It’s the start of a new week, and this could be a big one.

Meanwhile Mercury’s move into Gemini could heighten your emotions.

Ahead, you’ll find all the star signs’ horoscopes for June 2022.
Read on for your forecast.

With lively Mercury moving into Gemini, your heart may follow wherever your head leads.

As inquisitive Mercury moves into your money zone, you’ll have an eye for a bargain.

You love sampling information and discovering new things.

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Peace of mind can be scarce in this day and age. Even so, the focus on a spiritual sector could inspire you to learn mindfulness or meditation.

Social connections look livelier and can be the reason why you feel like exploring new possibilities.

This buoyant and upbeat day may be made all the more interesting by Mercury’s return to your sector of ambition.

Everywhere you look, there may be opportunities for the taking.

The focus on a more sensitive sector is emphasised as Mercury moves into Gemini.

You’ll be in your element with the Moon in your sign aligning with Jupiter, which can pave the way for new adventures, such as a potential romance.

As agile Mercury enters Gemini and your lifestyle sector, you may be restless.

Your leisure zone sparkles with energy as eloquent Mercury moves into Gemini, inspiring you to try new hobbies.

Your home zone becomes a hive of activity as the planet of talk and thought moves in.

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