Sound the trumpets and gather ye corgis, the queen’s Platinum Jubilee has commenced.

Thursday marks the first of Queen Elizabeth’s four-day celebration honoring her 70 years of “service”.

the presiding royal of the United Kingdom and its Commonwealth. Hell yeah, Lizzie.

The queen has survived death hoaxes, COVID-19, having to forgo her nightly martini, and being photographed with her disgraced son all for this moment. 

On February 6, Queen Elizabeth became the first British monarch to be in power for seven decades.

This is particularly remarkable because the queen is famously very young.

From June 2 to 5, events and celebrations honoring the queen will take place across the U.K

According to the official Platinum Jubilee website, over 7,000 public events, street parties, and private gatherings have been organized in Queen Elizabeth’s honor.

A handful of those 7,000 events are part of Queen Elizabeth’s official celebration.

All the events will be available to watch live on BBC One or to stream afterward on BBC iPlayer.

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