What is Null on Facebook – Null Meaning on Facebook

On Facebook my friends have been putting null as the description for their picture, what does null mean?

What Does Null Meaning on Facebook?

that means that the page wasnt done loading when they typed the caption for the picture, and “null” was entered, because that is computer database terminology for “nothing” or “empty”.

it’s a glitch in essence – it doesnt really mean anything special that you are missing.

What is Null on Facebook?

Null Definition on Facebook Already Described by Facebook. You can also read here.

You will see a null value (—) when a given metric does not apply to your ad. A metric may not apply to your ad if: The selected metric does not correspond to the ad format or objective. For example, you may post an ad which only contains an image and no video, but but you selected the average video watch time metric.

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